Delivery, pay and return policy

Our delivery and return policy is really simple: we want you to enjoy your online shopping. Please feel free to order any piece you like, in several colors if you have doubts which is better, in different sizes if you want to try it on and choose your size and send back items that didn’t fit for any reason. All the expenses for delivery and return are always on us.

If your order is available on stock, it will be delivered in 1-3 working days from the date of order within Ukraine. Sometimes it happenes that your purchase is not available yet due to delays in production. In this case you'll be warned in advance by notification on the web-site and by our manager on the phone. We'll do our best to deliver it asap upon the rediness, but approximate terms will be agreed with you relying to production terms.

You can pay for the orders following ways:
1. Online on the web-site with Liqpay online pay service
2. By cash if courier delivers your order
3. By cash on delivery if we deliver within Ukraine by Nova Poshta service

Enjoy your shopping!