Loyalty program

We appreciate a lot when you are satisfied with your choice and come back to us for new purchases. To express it in pleasant bonuses we created system of discounts to share with you.

First of all, we love you, our frequent clients, and offer you loyalty discount scale which ALWAYS applies to your orders upon reaching definite total amount of purchases:
5000 UAH – 5% discount on all further orders
10000 UAH – 7.5% on all further orders
15000 UAH – 10% discount on all further orders
25000 UAH – 15% discount on all further orders

We also love to receive pictures of you in CASUAL clothes. To express our appreciation we offer special 10% discount on ONE next order for the picture of you in CASUAL look with hashtag #casualua on your personal account in any social network (facebook or instagram or whatever). To get special discount please add link of your photo on your page to the comment while placing order.

Apart of this we work hard to make all the items in every collection matching each other. It not only helps to create lots of looks with minimum expenses. We also offer ready looks with special prices to buy and if you create looks of your own and buy more than one piece we’d be glad to offer you next scale of discounts:
2 items – 5% discount
3 items – 7.5% discount
4 items – 10% discount
5 items and more – 15% discount

Attention! Only one discount per one order can be applied (we take biggest one in case there are several types of discounts to apply).

Please keep in mind that final discount depends on the quantity of goods in your order after all the returns and exchanges. It means that if you return back part of order or add more items, final total amount and final discount may vary (in both sides). Therefore cost of final order may be different comparing to first order confirmation. And we may pay you back less amount than you paid for the item you returned.
Please find all the details and exact discount in your reciept. Thank you for understanding!